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A New Chapter for LaunchMob It’s more than a new web address. LaunchMob’s vision has always been about providing creative solutions for: Coaching, Content, Connections, and Community.  In the past, as a boutique branding and digital marketing firm, we’ve specialized in custom brand strategy development and content marketing execution. We are now stepping outside of that business model by providing creative solutions as well as training and development for both the client and the digital creative community with a focus on brand journalism.

LaunchMob’s vision is to be a well-oiled, digital marketing firm and an online community connecting businesses and digital marketers. We have been successful in creating digital marketing solutions while orchestrating a specialized team to accomplish our clients’ digital marketing goals. As more and more clients continue to need ongoing branding and digital content marketing services, LaunchMob can now morph from a digital marketing firm to an online community to help businesses and digital creatives all over the world. By connecting companies, creators, and the community, LaunchMob can be the conduit to develop and grow meaningful communities on a much larger scale.

 LaunchMob now defines itself as a brand consulting and digital marketing training and networking hub for branding experts, digital storytellers, web designers, content creators, social media professionals, and digital marketing experts AND businesses and nonprofit communities in order to provide creative content marketing solutions. Our services reflect today’s demand by companies to stay connected with their customers and clients while providing new opportunities for digital creatives. From Coaching, Content, Connections, and Community, LaunchMob takes its place as a leader in the brand journalism industry with its history of providing web content and content marketing solutions to local, national, and global brands since 1994.

“You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future.” – Steve Jobs

We provide creative solutions to every brand campaign. We teach our authentic process of goal setting to ignite our professional brand journalists to create custom digital content to build each company’s Social Currency Campaign™. As your trusted Brand Journalism Advisors, our expert brand journalists will employ a proven approach for developing strategic, yet meaningful online content while building brand communities. LaunchMob connects you to social influencers using our custom-designed Social Currency Campaign™.

We feel fortunate for this opportunity to better serve today’s brand journalists and innovative business leaders in order to achieve our original vision. As we continue to grow, I invite you to be part of this change as we provide new opportunities to help grow your personal brand, create engaging content, build your connections, and grow your community.

Please check back for more news and updates. 



Say Thank You with “Social Media Love”

Tips for Giving Online Recognition for Social Media Newbies

Sometimes when we are on Facebook or LinkedIn we forget how many people we are able to actually connect with. In today’s digital landscape, our influence extends beyond our own network and the content we create will last long after the thank-you card is forgotten.

BTW, the average attention span of a human being is only eight seconds…







2 and…


If you are still reading this, here’s a further look at how limited our attention span is.

According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, at the U.S. National Library of Medicine, the average attention span of a human being has dropped from 12 seconds in 2000 to 8 seconds in 2013. This is one second less than the attention span of a goldfish. That’s right, goldfish have an attention span of 9 seconds – 1 second more than you and I. Read it all here, when you have time:

Additional Statistics on Attention Spans:

  • 25% of teenagers report forgetting important details about their friends and family
  • 7% of people forget their own birthdays from time to time
  • The average office worker checks their email 30 times every hour
  • Typical mobile users check their phones more than 150 times per day (Mary Meeker)
  • Content on the internet tripled between 2010 and 2013
  • Social media sharing has doubled from 2011 to 2013

I am sure you realize how hard it is to capture someone’s attention and how hard it is to try to get your audience to react to a simple call to action like signing up for a newsletter. With this in mind, you can pay it forward to help out a client, a coworker, or a friend you’ve done business with to tell them you appreciate what they have contributed.

The purpose of this article is to guide you in giving some “Social Media Love” to someone you care about or someone who has done something outstanding for you professionally. I’m not sure about you but my Mom taught me to write thank-you notes for any gift received. In that way, giving online recognition is great way to show your appreciation to a client or colleague in a professional manner.

Due to our short attention spans, getting that online recognition is a tough act even from a loyal customer or client. So, let’s do this!

Here are some quick and easy ways to share some “Social Media Love”:

Let’s start with 4 basic tips for giving online recognition:

1. For Facebook, one of the easiest ways to show your support is to like, comment, and share. Like, comment, and share. It sounds easy but taking the time to do this might time a little longer than 8 seconds, so sometimes we forget to do the basic acknowledgement.

2. For Facebook, have you liked their company page?  Have you added the page to your company’s FB page? Here’s a screenshot to show you how easy it is…

3. For LinkedIn, visit the person’s company page. By following their company page, you’ve given your support of the company and you’ve easily shared that with your network automatically.

4. For LinkedIn, writing a recommendation is one of the most important ways you can show your “Social Media Love”. This doesn’t have to be a legal contract. So even if you don’t consider yourself a writer, take 8 seconds and write whatever comes to  your mind about how this person helped you or how they stand out from everyone else. Think of what specifically they did to assist you and write about that. You’ll also want to add how you knew the person and then you’ll want to think of a creative exit from the recommendation. That’s it. The rest speaks for itself online as your picture and your credentials are then included with the recommendation so don’t worry about not having enough to write. Less is more sometimes. Your friend will think you are awesome.  And LinkedIn will ask the person if they’d like to write one for you automatically so you might receive some Social Media Love in return.

Interactivity is More Than an Online Game It’s a Token of Your Appreciation

If writing a recommendation is too involved, giving endorsements is the quick and dirty way to show that you care. If you are not familiar with endorsements, it’s LinkedIn’s built-in interactivity game to get you more engaged with your network’s skills and qualifications. It’s like giving out PEZ to your friends when you were a kid. It’s little and you probably won’t miss the time it takes to click ENDORSE. But, if you put a few seconds behind it, your endorsements and those of their network help make this person look like an expert in their niche. That’s huge when someone new is looking at them the first time for a possible photo shoot and they have 100 endorsements for Photography! Do that! It’s a good thing to do.

For a company’s website…

If the company has a blog, commenting about a recent blog post and then sharing it to your network not only shows that you care about what they do but it also links you to that company online. Promoting the blog link on your LinkedIn or Google+ would be a great way to help them promote their blog to your network and show your relationship to that company. Again, this type of  “Social Media Love” takes a some thought and strategy but it’s not that hard and if you want to recognize their efforts in your industry this would be a great way. Since we are talking about time, I’m going to time myself from start to finish with this. I’m going to take a break first but when I come back, you’ll see how easy this is. (I think!)

Ok, are you ready for the results?

It took all of 5 minutes. I found a blog, wrote a response and I even posted it on one of my Facebook networking groups. I might be faster than most people and I do type unusually fast but my point is that IT DOES NOT TAKE LONG to interact and engage with someone you care about. I encouraged my business partner to do this activity and now he’s giving out his own “Social Media Love” to our professional network. You can, too!

As promised I gave you a few very simple things you can do right now to show your “Social Media Love” to someone who has done an outstanding job for you, even if you are not a social media ninja. In today’s world, having that Social Currency on your side is becoming more and more important in today’s business decisions. In the end, it’s about being appreciative through our new, online landscape. While writing thank-you notes might be a dying tradition, it’s fast and easy to give some online kudos this Holiday Season.

I am thankful for all of those in my online network. I hope this article helps you show your appreciation with our digital tools as the end of the year approaches and we look for ways to end on a positive note. Now it’s your turn. Pay it forward and get into the spirit of giving. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Leave a comment below and let me know if you’d like some “Social Media Love” from LaunchMob Media.


LaunchMob Sponsors Charity Event

The Voice’s Sisaundra Lewis Headlines Lake Nona Charity Event

LaunchMob is proud to participate as a sponsor of the Jazz on a Green, an outdoor concert to raise funds for scholarships to both UCF Medical Center and the Lake Nona YMCA. This Lake Nona charity event features Sisaundra Lewis, who became a fan favorite with her powerhouse voice during Season 6 of NBC’s The Voice. The event will be held on November 15 on the Tavistock Green at the UCF College of Medicine.

Sisaundra Lewis started her career with Grammy and Oscar Award winner Peabo Bryson which then led to a worldwide tour with Grammy and Oscar Award winner Celine Dion. Lewis spent several years working with Dion as her backing vocalist, vocal director and choreographer.

The Lake Nona benefit concert, presented by CFE Federal Credit Union, will raise scholarship funds for UCF medical students and the Lake Nona YMCA. The event begins at 5 p.m. Tickets are $10 in advance and $15 at the door and can be purchased online at Opening the show will be UCF’s Flying Horse Big Band.

As a community led project, LaunchMob worked together with other local business leaders such as Allyn Maycumber of We Know, Maycumber Realty and Mark Benson of Applied Meetings & Hospitality Solutions, who volunteered their time and effort along with others including the staff of both the Lake Nona YMCA and the UCF Medical Center to make this event come to life. LaunchMob, as an in-kind sponsor, worked to increase the event’s marketing efforts including assisting with the website, and developing and implementing the event’s social media strategy.

Ken DeGilio, Founder & CEO stated, “As part of LaunchMob’s corporate vision, we believe community is the heart of all of our brands. Giving back to charities like Central Florida YMCA and the UCF Medical Center help make our community a better place to live and work. We are proud to be involved in this year’s event.”

Join us online at: You can also engage with us on Facebook at: and on Twitter: and #JazzNona.


Are You the CEO of the Brand Called You?

Author’s Note: Recently, I wrote Your Personal Brand Guide, a personal branding article for My former business partner, Los Silva, is currently the founder and CEO of this online community dedicated to educating entrepreneurs as they launch their business.

Part of this experience, working with Los, was to share my knowledge and expertise with others about something that I am passionate about. I am proud to tell you that the content for the article is being developed into an eBook that I can share with my online community. So, thank you for taking the time to read it and I would encourage you to share your own story about how you’ve built your personal brand.

As I read the article for a recent interview, I realized the backstory was not included. I wanted to share that brief story with you. It was almost 17 years ago that I read Tom Peters’ article, The Brand Called You. I was a nonprofit director and was struggling to get back to a career in marketing. After reading the article, I started a new journey to reinvent myself and created a new personal brand strategy. That decision has helped me today on my current journey and has opened many doors for me. I encourage you to read the article by Tom Peters that inspired me and helped change my life by creating a strategic plan for my personal brand. If I can help you on your journey, please contact me.



Your Personal Brand Guide:

Tom Peters’ The Brand Called You:

LaunchMob Media Client Sponsors Relay for Life Charity Event in Lake Nona

Plush Recording Studios, Orlando’s premier music recording studio, is sponsoring Relay for Life of Lake Nona on Saturday, April 5th in Lake Nona, Orlando, Florida. Ethan Curtis, Studio Manager, will be judging in the talent show, part of the day’s events for Relay for Life.

From Ethan Curtis, Studio Manager, Plush Recording Studios…

“I am very excited to be able to share the thing that brings all of us so much joy with those who are currently experiencing such difficult times. Getting involved in things like Relay for Life helps me to remember how lucky I am. I hope it brings the same level appreciation to all of us for all we have to be thankful for.”

For more information, please visit: http/




LaunchMob Media Client Launches Song Competition

Plush Recording Studios Supports the Music Community

Plush Recording Studios announced its song competition this week. Its competition for the best Anti-Valentine’s Day breakup song event hopes to support the music community in central Florida while growing its online engagement and raise awareness for Plush Recording Studios’ services. The winner will receive studio time at Plush Recording Studios and will be announced on February 13, 2014 at a downtown Orlando nightclub. For its social media updates and announcements, Plush is using #Crush4Plush.

Here’s the official announcement:

Plush Recording Studios invites you to its Anti-Valentine’s Song Competition and Singles’ Meetup Party at Bullitt Bar on Thursday, February 13 at the Bullitt Bar as we announce the winner of the best original Breakup Song by one of our local artists. The competition begins January 30 and continues through February 10th, 2014. Singles are invited to join us for Party Rocking by Kameo, a Plush client, at the Bullitt Bar in downtown Orlando. Follow #Crush4Plush for updates and announcements.

Anti-Valentine’s Day Song Competition Rules:

Video submissions of original or parody breakup songs lasting no more than one minute and performed by bands, solo, or other singing groups will be accepted. You must be visible in the video. Open to all ages. Submit videos by Friday, February 7th at 11:59 pm via email to We encourage you to promote your entry on social media using #Crush4Plush. Awards will be provided including studio time at Plush Recording Studios.

Event Updates:

Event Invitation:

For media inquiries, please contact: Ken DeGilio, CEO, LaunchMob Media,


About Plush Recording Studios  |  Where Orlando Makes Music

Plush Recording Studios, Orlando’s premier recording studio, is home to a full range of contemporary pop, rock, rap and metal tracks from some of the most popular and influential artists including Nicki Minaj, Rick Ross, Paramore, Shinedown, and Justin Bieber, to name a few. Equipped with the industry’s best studio equipment, three mixing rooms, a vocal booth, and a large live tracking area, Plush Recording Studio aims to be the hub of the recording industry in central Florida. Online at:

LaunchMob Media Client, Ethan Curtis, Interviewed at Full Sail University

Entertainment Industry Spotlight: Ethan Curtis, Studio Manager, Plush Recording Studios

A reflection by Ken DeGilio, Founder/CEO, LaunchMob Media… 

I had the opportunity to help plan, prepare, and finally interview LaunchMob Media client, Ethan Curtis, Studio Manager at Plush Recording Studios, for an Entertainment Industry Spotlight at Full Sail University. As an alumni of Full Sail University, Ethan has developed his passion for music into a career in the music industry helping artists. 

In his current position as manager of Plush Recording Studios, Ethan plans to develop more opportunities for artists and students while growing its presence in the music community. Already established as one of the premier recording studios in central Florida, Plush Recording Studios will continue to impact today’s music industry from local and regional artists to nationally known musicians.

“Music has always been my everything.” Ethan Curtis












Plush Recording Studios, Orlando’s premier recording studio, is home to a full range of contemporary pop, rock, rap and metal tracks from some of the most popular and influential artists including Nicki Minaj, Rick Ross, Paramore, Shinedown, and Justin Bieber, to name a few. Equipped with the industry’s best studio equipment, three mixing rooms, a vocal booth, a large live tracking area, Plush Recording Studio aims to be the hub of the recording industry in central Florida. Plush provides recording, mixing, mastery and label services through its Plush Records label. Its production services and artist management services are available to artists in all genres.

Plush supports the music industry in central Florida by hosting industry nights throughout the year to highlight the work of musicians through music showcases and networking opportunities. Future events will be announced through its website and social media sites.

Plush Recording Studio has played an integral role in central Florida music industry for the last two decades and is currently owned by Aton Ben-Horin, a music industry leader who currently serves as VP of Global A&R for Warner Music.

Plush Recording Studio is available for private studio sessions and live events. Professional studio packages are available as are discount student memberships. Contact Ethan Curtis, Studio Manager, to schedule a tour or for more details at: 407-695-4484. Plush Recording Studios is located at 1255 Belle Avenue Suite #164, Winter Springs, Florida 32708.

Company Website:

Social Media Sites:

Current Media Links for Ethan Curtis and Plush Recording Studios from Full Sail University

Grad Ethan Curtis Working with Pop Singer Avery 

Inside Hitmaking Recording Facility Plush Studios

LaunchMob Media December News

LaunchMob Media Welcomes Plush Recording Studios

LaunchMob Media is proud to announce its newest client, Plush Recording Studios located in Winter Springs, Florida. Plush is a full-service recording studio, which has assisted major recording artists such as:

95 South, Aaron Carter, Anberlin, Atlantic Records, Avery, Bad Company, Bali, Between The Trees, BG, Big 10-4, Bill Hamel, Bow Wow, Busta Rhymes, Chris Brown, Columbia Records, Copeland, Cori Yarkin, Creed, Cupid, Darkchild (Rodney Jerkins), Day 26, Disco (City Boyz), DJ Magic Mike, E-40, Faytal, Flo Rida, Freeway, Fueled By Ramen, George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic, Gary Carolla, Grind Hawk, Ido Lederman, Jadakiss, James Boyd Band, James Paul Wisner, J Holiday, Jennifer Hudson, Joe Budden, John Walsh (America’s Most Wanted), Justin Bieber, Kevin Cossom (KC), Keyshia Cole, Knobody, Lil Wayne, Mandy Moore, MTV – “Making the Band”, New Boyz, New Kids On The Block, OddzNEndz, Paramore, Pete Thornton, Petey Pablo, Plane Jane Automobile, Pleasure P (Pretty Ricky), Plies, Poe Boy Music Group, Ray Jay, Rick Ross, The Runners, Scott Storch, Seven, Sevendust, Seven Nations, SpaceBar, Splack Pack, Shinedown, Shiri Maimon.

LaunchMob Media will be assisting Plush Recording Studios with its marketing/PR, social media strategy, and its corporate/agency business development plans in the new year. For those professionals in the advertising and recording arts industry, watch for future business development events.

Check out Plush online at: and join Plush Recording Studios on Facebook:



Read the most recent article published by Full Sail University about Plush Recording Studios:


It’s a Jungle Out There! Startup Jungle Helps Entrepreneurs

Starting in January 2014, LaunchMob Media’s CEO will be a contributor to Startup Jungle, a digital marketplace for startup education.

Startup Jungle is a new resource for startup entrepreneurs who are dedicated to becoming successful and know how it important it is that they develop a trusted network and updated resources.

Startup Jungle is the premier online learning marketplace for startups.

SUJ is the premier educational resource for founders and entrepreneurs who are trying to grow a startup. Building a product is the easy part, getting people to care and pay attention is not.

SUJ focuses on creating digital education courses for startups and people looking to start a business. We find the best course directors and mentors in the startup space and have them create digital education training in various topics such as: Social Media, Growth hacking, Analytics, Mobile, Design and much more.

My article, Brand Stories Help Keep Your Brand Real, includes my six brand story guidelines and provides an insight into constructing an effective brand story using my five brand story pillars. In this and subsequent articles, I provide the most important resources to guide you on the topic. Also, I’ll be encouraging readers to continue the conversation through the hashtag “#BrandCoach”.


BrandFuel Blog (#BrandFuel)

With a busy year coming to an end, stay tuned for new additions to LaunchMob Media’s BrandFuel blog. LaunchMob’s CEO will be interviewing Los Silva, serial entrepreneur and startup advisor about his newest role as Co-Founder of Startup Jungle, a digital marketplace for startup education. Watch for other successful CEOs and brand managers throughout the year as they discuss their experiences building their own companies and brands.


#BrandFuel: Do You Need an Integrated Solution for Your Editorial Calendar?

An Interview with CoSchedule Founder, Garrett Moon

What is CoSchedule?

CoSchedule promotes itself on its website as the Social Media Editorial Calendar for WordPress. I came across the website via Twitter while getting new resources about editorial calendars. I discovered CoSchedule and its website which promised to “save time and grow traffic by scheduling blog posts and social media on a unified drag and drop calendar.”

Sign up for your Editorial Calendar trial here:

Find out more about CoSchedule’s WordPress Plugin here:

Get Started with CoSchedule

After struggling with my own content marketing planning problems, I discovered this easy-to-use solution that made it simple to schedule blog posts for review. Its drag and drop calendar is available as a WordPress Plugin and helps you create an integrated social media marketing strategy with your blog content. There are many other solutions available like PostPlanner which focuses on Facebook content – There are also many WordPress Plugin editorial calendar solutions, like this one from Stress Limit Design:


Why do you need an editorial calendar?

Your editorial calendar helps you:

  • Add a strategic element to your digital marketing plan;
  • Add structure and accountability to your content marketing efforts;
  • Increase productivity and helps get everyone on the same page;
  • Utilize search trends in your content;
  • Plan for important events and new product launches.

While you can create an editorial calendar with Word or Excel, having your editorial calendar through a WordPress Plugin is the optimal online editorial calendar management tool for bloggers on all levels.

Questions for Garrett Moon, Founder and Designer, CoSchedule

I recently had the opportunity to interview Garrett Moon, Founder and Designer, about CoSchedule’s editorial calendar, available as a WordPress Plugin.

  1. Why did you create CoSchedule?
  2. What’s your experience/background in Content Marketing/Web/Social Media?
  3. What is your best advice for using an editorial calendar and creating engaging content?
  4. What do you see in the future for content marketing and social media?
  5. What was your strategy for your pricing for CoSchedule?
  6. Who is your typical customer for CoSchedule?
  7. What’s your vision for CoSchedule? Future updates, changes, etc.?


Listen to the interview Podcast with Garrett Moon, Founder, Designer, CoSchedule here:

Are you using an editorial calendar?

What challenges do you face with your editorial calendar or your content marketing strategy?

I appreciate your questions or comments about your content marketing strategy and editorial calendar experiences.


LaunchMob Media November News

Spacecoast Startup Weekend Launches

LaunchMob Media would like to recognize the community of Melbourne, Florida. Florida Institute of Technology was the organizer and host of the first, successful Spacecoast Startup Weekend on November 17, 2013. With numerous startup entrepreneurs on-hand, these individuals teamed up to develop a startup in one weekend. Ken DeGilio volunteered as a judge of the inaugural startup competition. You can sign-up to learn more about future events here:

Nona Network Wraps Up its First Year

Nona Network, Lake Nona’s networking meetup up for entrepreneurs and business owners, will be ending its first year.  Nona Network is hosted by Ken DeGilio, Founder/CEO of LaunchMob Media and Lake Nona area resident, and meets monthly to provide a hassle-free networking opportunity for Lake Nona residents to network with other entrepreneurs in a casual, after-hours atmosphere.

As we conclude the first year of Nona Network, an important announcement will be made about the future of Nona Network’s networking group for 2014.